Unprincipled / 2020

Opening title for the TV show "The Unprincipled" about Patriashy pond district, posh and trendy center area where resign rich and powerful people — London's Soho equivalent. As this area is quite recognisable is was very important to create backgrounds which really look alike the original ones. We used Google Street view and pictures as reference points for the streets to actually model 3D Patriarshy pond street panoramas and houses. This actually pushed the entire visual stile to kind of cartoon-realistic one: our characters are actually very much alike looking to their actor-protagonists (we skip a small essay about how we got their look approved). Over 30 side characters, including pets have been created for streets, nightclubs, and the rooftop party scenes. This intro became a fast trip through intrigues, embarrassing situations on different layers of the story lanes of The show.

Client: Mediaslovo
Brand: "Unprincipled" series