Supermarket Trolly's Dream / 2021

"Supermarket Trolly's Dream" is a 62-meter long art object made of recycled plastic in a window-shop of a flagship Perekrestok supermarket. This project was a collab between biggest retail chain and two eco-projects: "Sobirator and "ECO Technologies company". It was curated by Museum of Russian Impressionism so overall composition designed as Impressionist painting.

To create the panel about 4 tons of plastic cleaned recyclables were sorted, in total more than 340 kg of material was used - packaging from goods, trays for ready meals, children's toys and much more. Each element of the panel was manually laid out by the artists and fastened with hot glue, and the background elements were painted with a special rubberized paint.

This window-shop won an award for the best design in main Russian POSM и in-store communication competition (POPAI -2021)

Client: X5 Retail Group
Brand: Perekrestok